Speer 357 Sig Ammunition CCI53368 100 Grain Frangible TMJ 50 rounds


Per Round Cost: 0.359
Weight:1.25 LBS
Caliber:357 SigBullet
GrBullet Type:Frangible
Case Type:Brass

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*Note from Manufacturer* These lots were produced in May and the wash they used to clean the brass caused these casings to have a slight tarnish making the casings appear dirty. Speer has confirmed to us that this will not affect performance and it is only the aesthetics of the casings.

Clean, close-up training begins here. Speer® Lawman® RHT® Ammunition is the right choice for improving air quality in indoor training ranges, or for ranges where bullet bounce-back has proved to be a problem. Featuring precision formed lead-free bullets that crumble into very small pieces when it hits a metal backstop. The tip of each RHT bullet is distinctively marked so range officers can easily tell it from conventional ammunition. Loaded with CCI Clean-Fire primers free of lead, barium and antimony.

Technical Information

Muzzle Velocity: 1325 fps
Muzzle Energy: 487 ft. lbs.

Speer 357 Sig Ammunition CCI53368 100 Grain Frangible 50 rounds



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